Q&A with: Dr. Henry Lovejoy

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Dr. Henry Lovejoy is the president and founder of EcoFish Inc., the only seafood distributor in the world that sells only environmentally sustainable seafood. Along with his wife Lisa, they have striven to set an example for corporate America by aiming for the triple bottom line—operate a profitable business that is also socially and environmentally responsible. Learn more about the Lovejoy story and EcoFish at ecofish.com

Tell us a little bit about how you got started as a seafood entrepreneur.

I’ve been in the seafood industry for over 20 years. Right out of college I started a lobster exporting company. That gave my wife and me the opportunity to travel around the world and get to know the global seafood trade more intimately. We weren’t comfortable with what we learned. It’s basically a pure commodity-driven industry. It’s all about price and not about quality. I got so disgruntled with it that I thought I should pursue a new career. Then I thought maybe the best thing I could do was use a business model as leverage for change. So I went to Harvard Business School and got an MBA.

What was the initial impulse that led you to create EcoFish?

When the organics market started to explode in the late ’90s, we saw it as an opportunity to build a seafood company in this market. In 1999 we launched EcoFish and pioneered sustainability within the seafood category. Since then we’ve built a retail brand and are in over 3,000 grocery stores across the country.

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