SEP 2008

The first phase (of three) began on Wednesday, September 3rd with a kick-off meeting at the Packard Foundation. Internally known as Tuna, this phase was led by Cheryl Dahle and her Discovery Group at Ashoka. At the meeting we ran through the phase goals and explained the proposed calendar for the next 3-4 months.

Although much of this had been covered by the grant applications submitted earlier in the year, we were able to set up the review and working sessions so the Packard Foundation could participate in our initial research.

A majority of September’s work was focused on the interviews and research we did to gather information within the three main areas of our interest: Consumer, Fish Buyers and Fisheries.

Our plan for the end of the month was to begin creating the frameworks for each of the three areas, and then field test them in the following few weeks in October.